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Weclome to BOTRIOT!

Playing with Voltron and Transformers April 1986Growing up in the 80’s, one theme dominated the boys' Toys.

Transforming Robots!

Robots dominated the airwaves and the toy aisle, for many years. You could choose from cars or planes that turned into robots. You could get lions and vehicles that connect together to form a larger robot. You could get smaller cheaper robots, and generic robots too.

This site highlights my BOT collection, from Lion Voltorn to Generation 1 Transformers, up to 25th Anniversary BOTs of today. You will also find some rare catalogs I picked-up while collecting other toy line memorabilia, so I including the BOT pages too.

Pick a Bot! Click names Bot buttons.

If your interested in the Air Dates and Production number of Transformers or any other 80's Sunbow Productions, Inc. check out Sunbow Date of Publication/Air Dates at TotallyJem!

I listed all the Sunbow shows with Air Dates, Production Numbers and Copyright Registration Dates.


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Updated: June 10, 2009

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